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This yoga anatomy book is different because it’s based on key concepts that influence how we move and make yoga postures.

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Yoga Anatomy that is accessible to everyone.

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Still not sure if this book is right for you? Click on the image on the left to download a free chapter for your evaluation. The whole book is full of illustrations and practical examples of how the knowledge in this book can be implemented into everyday yoga practice or teaching. Enjoy

group of students used in illustrated yoga anatomy book

We are not all the same shape and size in real life so neither are our posse. They’re all excited to help demonstrate how this anatomy stuff can be applied to yoga.

Stu: Author & Anatomy Teacher

I am so pleased to have been able to produce a yoga anatomy book that reflects the way I teach and makes it accessible to everyone. With the wonderful illustrations of Bug, we have brought you all the Key Concepts and insights necessary to make a yoga practice, safer, more effective, and tailored to the individual. Whether you are a teacher or student, this book will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the human movement within the context of yoga.

30 Key Concepts

Essential topics to understand human movement in a yoga context.

7 Body Bits Sections

Major joints, their musculature, movements, and yoga application.

7 Posture Groups Sections

Exploring similar postures within groups such as forward bends, backbends and inversions, from an anatomical perspective.

Stu’s Model

Bringing ideas together for break downs, sequencing and progressions.


Underpinning info such as joint movements, muscle and bone names.

Bug: Illustrator & Yoga Teacher

Bug Fawcett was born and raised in Zimbabwe and studied Visual Arts at the University of Stellenbosch. She works as an illustrator and graphic recorder and her clients range from fortune 500 companies to (humble) yoga anatomy teachers 🙂

Bug is super excited to be working on a project that combines both her passions for yoga and drawing.  As a fledgeling yoga teacher, she finds the content not just easy to understand but also relevant to enhancing her own practice and allowing her to better serve her students.

Putting Things into Context

The focus of this book is usable insights, so understandably the above is the most common heading in the book!

Modification & Progressions

Modification &

Central to this book is respecting the individual.

Muscles & Movement - Illustrated Yoga Anatomy

Muscles &

Only the level of detail you need to know.

Exploring Restrictions - Yoga Anatomy Book


Relating what we find to specific postures.

A Book for Students and Teachers

I’ve talked to so many students over the years, so this book is tailored to what people want to know about yoga anatomy. Why do some students get hurt? How can I sequence properly? Why can a student do one pose but not another? How can I teach more safely, effectively and knowledgeably?

Yoga Book for Students and Teachers compression

Have I mentioned yet that the book is just crammed with Bug’s wonderful illustrations! Oh Yes, and Stu’s wise words 🙂

knee vulnerability in half padmasana - yoga anatomy

Here is an excerpt from the Key Concepts chapter Multi-Segmental Movement.

If the desired movements don’t happen because of restriction at one or more of those joints, then the foot won’t be in the right position and forces will find the weak areas of the knee and ankle. Often the movement missing is either external rotation of the hip or knee flexion, sometimes both. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for yoga students to hurt these vulnerable areas by trying to pull the foot into position against the restrictions of the hip or knee. In this example of a multi-segmental movement, the forces in question are a torquing action and depending on an individual’s less stable area, ankle or knee, that is where the damage will be done. Pain experienced on the medial aspect of the knee or lateral aspect of the ankle is a sure sign that the required ROM is not available and the student needs to back off.

Differences between similar backbending Yoga Postures

Exploring the differences between similar postures

Yoga anatomy comparison for marichyasana D

Spot the difference? It does matter how you do things.

yoga anatomy implications for navasana or boat pose

We don’t have to be serious all the time!

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